The Association of Veteran Surfers (AVS) was established by two returned servicemen who experienced the unique stress and challenges of a military career, as well as the difficulties of transitioning from military service to civilian life.

Initially, AVS aimed to connect veterans with a keen interest in surfing. The group would organise surfing sessions through friends and Facebook every few weeks to catch up and meet new people. It wasn’t long before the group gained popularity, Founders Matthew Hoare and Kieran Scotchford realised the concept was creating a positive and healthy impact among veterans and their families and developed the idea to implement an ocean therapy program to help promote and continue to build a strong veteran community.

AVS is a Registered Charity and a Surfing Queensland Boardriders Club with over 70 active members. AVS competes in Surfing competitions and holds regular events on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. AVS delivers RSL Queensland Family Days through their Health and Wellbeing Partnership. Visit our events page for more information.